Tackling antimicrobial drug resistance

    Bacterial pneumonia and the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) are major public health concerns across Europe and new alternative strategies must be developed to address these issues.

    FAIR’s ambition is to develop a first-in-class drug capable of potentiating immunity and thus improving the effectiveness of antibiotics in antibiotic-resistant pneumonia. By using nebulized flagellin to boost lung innate immunity, FAIR aims to provide a therapeutic approach that:

    • is more effective than stand-alone treatment with commonly used antibiotic drugs in pneumonia
    • reduces the dosing regimen of these antibiotics, which often induce strong side effects
    • reduces the emergence of antibiotic-resistance
    • minimizes alteration of natural host microbial flora
    • accelerates recovery from infection-induced inflammation
    • prevent bacterial lung colonization in high-risk patients by prophylactic administration

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